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Safety Equipment


Llight and easy-to-wear, Forcefield Body Armour is even reusable after an impact. I ride with a Forcefield Sport-Lite L1 back protector. It's soft, light and breathable. I also wear Forcefield performance upgrade inserts which will fit in pockets sewn into my jacket's shoulders and elbows. It's great kit!

I have again entrusted my head protection to a
Cromwell Spitfire. Made in Italy, these beautiful helmets are light, comfortable and exceed the latest EU standards. Mine was supplied by Barry Vincent, who is a regular sight at major UK motorcycle shows where he sells Cromwell helmets alongside his other well-known line, Vac-Bag, which I also highly recommend.

Iíve been riding with
Halcyon goggles for 18 years; they are comfortable and allow great peripheral vision. In my opinion, the style of their split lens goggle compliments a classic bike perfectly. I usually wear MK9 goggles but for this trip I treated myself to a pair of leather MK49 Deluxe with tinted lenses as most of my riding was done in bright sunshine.

Waterborne illnesses can range from the mildly irritating to the seriously dangerous. I use a Sawyer Mini water filter as a straw or attached to a Sawyer Squeeze pouch or standard threaded bottle. The heart of the Mini is a 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane filter that is guaranteed to last for 100,000 gallons. Furthermore, in hot climates it saves wasting endless plastic water bottles. Iíve listed it here as a safety device as it could very well save me a great deal of pain!

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