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Iwis chains are Made in Germany from high quality, quenched, tempered and case-hardened steels. They are pre-stretched with shouldered pins and have a high fatigue strength and superior wear resistance. I'm using an Iwis Megalife chain. This chain has a silver coloured coating that ensures it will not rust and special bushes which are sintered. This means it can be run dry or with minimal lubrication and therefore not easily pick up dust or sand. Contact: Sprockets Unlimited
Tel: (+44) 01386 831341

I'm using Mitas EO7, E05 and H02 tyres on the journey. The E07 enduro tyres have an excellent reputation for both on and off road use. This is my front tyre. The H02 is a great classic bike tyre and I'll use one on the rear except when riding on the rough stuff in Central Asia, where I'll fit the E05 trials tyre. All are supplied by Tyre-Finder. Their website needs updating but the friendly service and advice given by the owner, Mick, is excellent. He is also a regular sight at many classic motorcycle shows and autojumbles in the UK.
Contact: Tel: (+44) 07796 188283 or 0845 2301966

Lead acid batteries tend be be heavy - a 18 A/H batterty can weigh over 3.5kg. My new
Shorai Lithium Ion battery weighs just over 0.5kg, will hold its charge for a year without maintenance and can be recharged in approximately 10 minutes. The manufacturer claims it will have twice the service life of a lead acid battery too. What they call a no-brainer! Mine was supplied by UK importers and classic motorcycle specialists Carrot Cycles.
Contact: Tel: (+44) 01522 595975

My bike's rims and spokes were completely shot. I sent the hubs to wheel experts
Central Wheel Components of Coleshill, near Birmingham, UK, who completely rebuilt them with new rims and double butted spokes then finished them with high gloss black powder coating. The result is an absolutely superb finish that won't rust. The company also provided spare spokes for the journey.
Contact: Tel: (+44) 01675 462264

I'm using
Silkolene RHINO 140 Classic Gear Oil. The Burman CP gearbox originally ran on a soup-like mixture of grease and oil. A specially made oil seal conversion has allowed us to use just oil instead. Rhino 140 was recommended by oil experts, Opie Oils, who provide excellent advice on oil choice as well as great service. It's a heavy duty SAE 140 EP oil specially formulated for classic gearboxes and is fully compatible with bronze bushes like those in my Matchless.
Contact Tel: (+44) 01209 202944

I've used a manually operated Tutoro chain oiler in the past and found it excellent at extending chain life. Tutoro have now developed a very clever
automatic chain oiler. It's supplied with a range of fitting accessories and is simple to install. The oiler automatically deposits just the right amount of oil onto the chain and has an adjustable flow rate to account for differing riding conditions. It's also leakproof when the bike is stopped.
Conact: Totoro website

Carrot Cycles are a UK web-based business specialising in quality classic motorcycle consumables. They supplied two new 1/8 Gas traditional push/pull fuel taps, a fuel filter and ethanol resistant fuel hose to suit.
Contact Tel: (+44) 01522 595975

My Smiths 80 MPH Chronometric Speedometer was serviced by
Philip Woods. Along with his father, David Woods, Philip also offers fully restored Smiths speedometers on an exchange basis. The superb finish speaks for itself.
Contact Philip Woods
Tel: (+44) 01903 724509

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